Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nothing Personal (2009) - “Nobody wants to admit they’re lonely”

Take a lonely girl, an isolated farmer and the outskirts of Ireland and you’ve got quite the hang-out movie. 

Nothing Personal is an Irish produced film about a young girl from Holland, whom recently gets out of a bad public break up and finds relief in hitch hiking the Irish coast. Under estimating the elements of being homeless, cold and alone, she finds refuge at a random farm house, in which she meets middle –aged widower by Martin. At first their encounter is rocky, as Martin see’s her as a privileged intruder and the girl seeing him as an old curmudgeon, but more and more they notice their presence is all they have at the moment to remain sane.


Nothing Personal is a perfect depiction of stubbornness over course of a character study. Both characters pretend not to need each other emotionally but physically do the opposite, giving a sense of passive aggressive freewill some of us know all too well. You get the sense Martin pines for the girl’s beauty as the girl pines for Martin’s belongings, but their relationship becomes more meaningful as the reality sets in that they have one ultimate thing in common…………………….loneliness.


Now despite the fact, that the development of the relationship could be slower and more graceful, and that there’s unnecessary moments of gratuity. Nothing Personal is a calming experience and when it ends, it leaves one with the feeling of loss and strict end. It’s a movie about appreciating what you have before it’s gone.

And as a side note, Lotte Verbeek who’s the protagonist of Nothing Personal is a wonder to look at and she’s painstakingly real in this film. She needs to be in more stuff, preferably American stuff.

-          Maurice Jones

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