Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Creep 2 (2017)

Mark Duplass is back in the most awkward yet commendable horror franchise yet – Creep 2. A movie that is creepier, weirder, more alienating and outlandish than the original though strangely more heartfelt.

Mark Duplass’ serial killer character is at it again, but this time naming himself Aaron, taking the name of Aaron from the first Creep. Aaron is bored after killing 39 people and wants some sort of appreciation for it, so he decides to lure in a YouTube hopeful named Sara to document the life and times of a prolific serial killer.

Creep 2 is very aware of the social complications involving a male serial killer and a female victim in such a realistically intimate movie premise, that it immediately deals with it head on without flinching, but without going to gratuitous lengths to show how “creepy” Aaron could be in this situation. Creep 2 instead does a great job at rekindling the suspense and tension in the first Creep, by downplaying what was scaring and creepy then. It’s protagonist Sara has a calmer disposition than Aaron in the first one, that allows her interaction with Mark Duplass come off more real and cerebral. You can feel what Sara is thinking in terms of her character inside a situation where a serial killer reveals himself, but most of all Creep 2 goes back and forth with it’s premise, that like in reality Sara isn’t completely sure if Aaron is a serial killer or just really really creepy.

Creep 2 is one of the few movies that gets the feeling of online encounters right, creating a realistic scare for your Halloween night while being also pitch perfect for a Valentine’s Day night in.

See Creep 2…if you dare…

- Maurice Jones

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