Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 6 films of 2017!

Top five favourite films of 2017 

  1. Get out - just as Scream is a horror movie a lot of us wish we could have witnessed in the theatre, Get Out that for this generation and then some. 
  2. Good time - Real grit. Real adrenaline. Truly perfect. 
  3. Lady bird - With a complementary score by Jon Brion, Lady Bird gets pitch perfectly the tone of 2002 and of mother daughter relationships, and Greta Gerwig is just the person to display it. 
  4. Creep 2 - truly creep and therefore fun and intriguing.
  5. Lady Macbeth - A dark replay of Lady Macbeth with no flinches of it’s reality. One of the darkest movies of 2017 
  6. Detroit - With realism to the point of importance. Detroit deliberately spotlights the extreme criminal acts of it’s cops for no other reason than that’s what really happened. 

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