Monday, April 9, 2018

Outside In (2018)

Outside In is a needed progression from Lynn Shelton who can’t make a satirizing film to save her life apart from Laggies though that movies message for women to find a rich man to lean on and though outside ins portrayal of imprisoned men being painfully and wrongfully white, outside in delivers us what Lynn Shelton should been doing it the first place.

Certain lines here and there throughout the movie makes the films atmosphere feel realer and realer and express Lynn Shelton’s slight talent in creating realistic interactions with her characters. The real location of Granite Falls also lends its natural beauty and Mundane yet quaint infrastructure to sell the realism of this story with the differentiating housing structures of it’s characters. 

Lynn Shelton does her best writing here, subtlety exposing ones jealously and uncertainty with bursts of a character’s joyous explanation and opposing characters short handed questioning responses of disappointment accompanied with sharp core lines towards someone’s shaming truth. Lynn Shelton can’t hold back dialogue wise with this recent entry. 

Edie Falco plays her most vulnerable role yet being charming and rest assured while uncertain and broken at the same time. Jay Duplass, though stereotypical at times plays ex convict Chris with a painstaking sincerity, that’s hard to watch but believably so. And Kaitlyn Dever gives a bold portrayal as Edie Falco’s daughter, playing her confident and troubled but human is every way.

Outside In has a few flaws in its directing but considering Lynn Shelton’s past films and her unfinished style in general, Outside In is her most gritty film yet but just as satisfying as Laggies

- Maurice Jones

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