Monday, December 10, 2018

The Long Dumb Road (2018)

The Long Dumb Road is about 19-year-old Nathan (played by Tony Revolori), a college kid travelling on his own to his college campus to start his freshman year, travelling from Texas to Los Angeles. Amongst his travels he runs into Richard (played by Jason Mantzoukas), and from there his sheltered perspective is changed forever.

The Long Dumb Road is a nice gem of a movie, that shows that people of colour can be classic characters in an American movie as Americans, and not just be stereotypes for the dumb.

The films a little predictable in its character study, and has a script that says what it’s about as oppose showing what the films about through direction, but ultimately does an extremely good job at portraying the core story of bonding.

The Long Dumb Road is very naturally funny with the obvious comedic chops of the golden Jason Mantzoukas, but as well with realistic conversational dialogue in some parts, that feels picked from actual personal candor that is simply comedic based on subject matter alone.

Jason Mantzoukas pulls off a sweet puppy dog demeanour and a downtrodden performance that both put a smile on your face, and dampens your eyes with sadness and empathy. Tony Revolori is the perfect straight man counter part, playing accurately meek and also being frustrated and excited by Jason Mantzoukas’ character, but all the while learning to appreciate the experience.

Hannah Fidell films and writes a personal road buddy comedy, that within a genre that goes for a sentimental heart string tugging goal. The Long Dumb Road instead treats things realistically and let’s things be, emotionally, and let’s us accept the end result without having to cry our eyes out, and that the memories of friendship are enough. 7/10.

  • Maurice Jones

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